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Twitch servers bandwidth problem


Gruppe: Game-Moderator
Beigetreten am: 6. April 2009
Geschrieben 14. Februar 2018 - 05:56

What could be wrong? I can't stream with so low bandwith. Normally closer servers (chile, argentina, peru, brazil) should go above 3mbps.

Also when I streamed months ago I noticed some days one server goes better and others worse, and always at the limit. Few times when lucky I got some server over 5mbps and no problems.

BTW I have 10mbps upload speed.
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Gruppe: Game-Moderator
Beigetreten am: 6. April 2009
Geschrieben 15. Februar 2018 - 02:54
Well this is today, way better, but sometimes is not so good, dont know why :S

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