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Longer Lasting Resources

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Tired of your resources depleting so quickly? Here is cure for that! With this modification every resource lasts 10 times more. In the normal game Gold Mines have 800 Gold, but if you enable this modification in your Game Room every Gold Mine has 8000 Gold ready for miners to gather it. I suggest this modification for players who play casually or seek some fun games. Also, players who do not like to expand rapidly and take control of the map are suggested to try this out. Longer lasting resources means that you will not have to expand your base all the time. More important is the fact that with more resources players can actually be fighting more and enjoying battles with the best units they can make. No longer you will have to worry too much about looking for idle villagers at depleted resource sites, since everything lasts longer.CreditsThanks to ['RB']Dan for being a slave!
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