Black Forest Maze


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Black Forest Maze v3 by Zix


Download: Black Forest

This is a randomly generated Black Forest map, in a labyrinth style.
At game start, the map will generate a huge maze, with lots of resources inside.
All players start with a TC and 3 Villagers at a random location.
If you run out of resources, you must explore more areas in the maze to find more.
You can also build well-defended bases at secret areas.

The map is available in 3 version:





and Giant:



Reveal map=Normal
Game version 1.5 recommended.
Choose map size depended on number of players!
No mod required (however it is playable with any mod).
Allied vision is enabled by default.

The map will always generate a new maze, you will never get 2 times the same!

It uses my new, ultra fast algorithm, which generates a "perfect" maze,
which means you cannot be blocked, and there is only 1 possible way between any 2 locations.

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Black Forest (Datei-Größe: 532.67 KB)
screenshot 2.jpg (Datei-Größe: 576.26 KB)
tiny.BMP (Datei-Größe: 253.89 KB)
normal.BMP (Datei-Größe: 608.9 KB)
giant.BMP (Datei-Größe: 1.23 MB)

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Good map also i like your other maps too! ;thumbup
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Zix you should be named as MazeCrazer, TheMazeMan or something similar :P
I love your ideas, keep up with them!

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